Merchant ABCs #11 – Embracing Video Creative

Deborah Carney of Merchant ABCs hosted a panel discussion that included James Martell of Affiliate Buzz and Affiliate Marketers Boot Camp,and regulars Jeannine Crooks and Amy Ely to continue the discussion on supporting affiliates with content and creative.  Moving beyond the basics, this episode focuses on creating, sharing, and using video creative.

Topics include:

· Why video is important for merchants to consider

· Tools available to create and tag video on different networks

· Video formats – product reviews and demonstrations, the manufacturing process, testimonials, and more

· Creating professional and polished clips vs. simple and personalized video

·  The three main video components – the establishing shot, mid shot, and close ups

·  Methods to share videos with affiliates

· Creating motion graphic videos and slide shows with audio

During the conversation, participants shared a few recommended video editing companies and software to help merchants get started.  These include: ElanceCamtasiaJing, and ScreenFlow. Also mentioned are the Shareasale network video players for both affiliates and merchants, the video tools available through and an article by Rosalind Gardner about how affiliates can create players with links using LinkedTube. One more not mentioned in the show, but that was posted as another alternative by Shawn Collins on the subject is ViewBix (powered by Qoof).

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