Merchant ABCs Volume 1 – How to Start and Run a Profitable Affiliate Program

How to Run a Profitable Affiliate Program

For new or established merchants with affiliate programs or contemplating starting one. This book is a collection of transcripts of discussions with some of the best minds in affiliate marketing, plus lists of resources on how to implement the recommended actions. Included are discussions with top affiliates, affiliate managers and outsourced program managers with many years of experience. Read the Voices of Affiliate Marketing as they lead you through the maze of creating and managing an affiliate program.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Shawn Collins
Introduction by Deborah Carney
What is an affiliate program?
Chapter 1 What is an Affiliate Program and How Does it Work
Chapter 2 Merchant Readiness for an Affiliate Program
Chapter 3 Can You Afford to Have an Affiliate Program
Chapter 4 Affiliate Agreement Essentials
Chapter 5 Merchant Policies Regarding Natural SEO
Chapter 6 How and When to Choose an Outsourced Affiliate Manager (OPM)
Chapter 7 Seven Suggestions for Engaging and Efficient Affiliate Newsletters
Chapter 8 Using Analytics for Affiliate Recruiting
Chapter 9 Why Merchants Need An Editorial Calendar
Bonus Chapters
Chapter 10 Steps to Revamping and Relaunching An Affiliate Program
Chapter 11 Affiliate Marketing: Then and Now
Links to Additional Podcasts on Merchant ABCs
Special Collection of Podcasts for Q4
Links to All Podcasts in This Book
Websites You Should Visit


The Voices:
Deborah Carney
Vinny O’Hare
Eric Nagel
Amy Ely
Kim Salvino
Karen Garcia
Liz Gazer
Angel Djambazov
Liz Fogg
Jeannine Crooks

Brian Littleton
Connie Arnold
Todd Crawford
Todd Farmer
Scott Jangro